Summer in Kleinarl

summer in Kleinarl

Summer in Kleinarl means nature, lush meadows, wide forests, enchanting scenery, fresh mountain light and crystal-clear lakes and streams. All under the scenery of the local mountain of Kleinarl, the “Ennskraxn”.

Summer in Kleinarl – Hiking!!

The valley of Kleinarl has several pastures that can be visited by foot. Or how about a brisk walk around the Jägersee? This crystal clear lake is one of the most beautiful places in Austria and has something magical. You can relax at the guesthouse and enjoy the amazing views.

An absolutely highlight is the famous Tappenkarsee which is situated at 1762 m altitude. It takes you about 2 hours to hike up there and the view is simply amazing. The starting point of the trail up to the Tappenkarsee is at the Jägersee. You could also take a swim in the crystal clear but cold water or have a drink on the pasture nex to the lake. It`s definetly worth the effort.

Your summer will be a fairy tale: a carefree time for children on a farm, far away from traffic. It seems like the time stands still here. All is calm and quiet, besides the sounds of the animals and the nature. You will love it!